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Booking system

Online Booking System for all accommodations and tours “Bemarbooking.eu“.     Complete solution from Bemar, Website – Hosting – Webmail – Booking system – Channel Manager – Property Management – Service. or Complete Booking System package, Booking system – Channel Manager – Property Management – Service.   Our booking system (Bemarbooking.eu) is not only a […]

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Car rental

Bemar Car Rental system, all included in the package Hosting – Homepage – Webmail – Booking system and services. The system is installed special for each client, no commission no third party.     Suitable for all Car Rentals.

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We individually design and write websites for each client. For most of our clients we have chosen Word Press. With Word Press everything is possible and we design your site based on your needs. All websites includes hosting – email services and free support on your products. Those who wish to work for themselves in their […]

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Trust – Security – User Interface

Web and software development since 2007

Complete solution

High-quality hosting of our servers, daily backup, anti-spam webmail, free encryption certificate with all domains (SSL / https: //). All websites customizable for each customer. Booking and accommodation system, car rental, online stores and many custom solutions.


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