Bemar ehf. was founded in 1990 (registration number: 410994-2169). The first 17 years our main focus was on importing and servicing technology products. 2007 Bemar decided to sell retail and related services, and began the development of the company that Bemar is today. Our main focus is <Online Booking System> for all accommodations and tours, Website design and hosting along with other related services.

The company is located in Iceland but the Internet is our largest and main workplace there we work and communicate with our customers and partners. All our services and products are related to the internet and only sold on the internet.

To be able to provide all the basic technical solutions, it is necessary to have a reliable partners and we have worked systematically to build up such a partnerships. These companis are like we located in Europe and they all are essentially working without borders on the internet.


Our software is made from various developers


Our Servers

The data centers that hosts Bemar servers include complete redundancy in power, network connectivity, fire suppression, and unparalleled security & safety.



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